John Carey Nature Photography


John Carey is one of Ireland's leading nature photographers. He has been published in several books and magazines such as "Limerick nature walks", "Wings", "Ireland's mammals", "Wild Ireland" and of course his own very successful publication "A photographer's guide to Ireland's wildlife." The images you see here in this gallery are a sample of work from his vast collection that he has accumulated over thirty years in the business.

A word from the artist

Hi, I am John Carey. I was born in Ireland and as long as I can remember I have always loved nature. I am an established nature photographer and author. This gallery is part of the Celebration of Ireland's Wildlife and Nature series that has taken me several decades to bring together. My goal is to show others how wonderful the natural world can be. To this day I still enjoy stalking deer on the Killarney Mountains and all kinds of nature throughout Ireland. My passion for photography and love of nature still remains the same


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